Youtube Money Making Method Leaked

This is very fresh and hot leak from CPAHero < One of the best CPA discussion forum. Using this method you can really make like 10$/hour. Here it is :

Most of you may be wondering that I am an elite or a legend and knows every ins and out of PPD/CPA/PPI, if you think like this then you are wrong my friend, if you really know what to do then it will take you only a week to jump from 1$/day to 100$/day.

Please don’t criticize the method if you people doesn’t like it, coz I am putting a lot of effort writing this thread.

Things You Need To Start:

1. Buy Youtube accounts, PVA or Non PVA it doesn’t matter, either way your accounts will gets ban. Buy 30 accounts just for $3 (…-Accounts).-Accounts)

2. Niche List (

3. Youtube Video Downloader (

4. RoyalSEO Description Generator (

5. Youtube Video Tracker V.4.0 (

It’s a complete set and forget method with good optimized description. Those who can’t create HQ videos all by himself they can download videos from dailymotion or metacafe, most of the niche videos does not gets deleted from these two sites.

Now download 3 videos for every niche, please take some time to download HQ videos because these are the only videos which you are going to use always. Sort all the videos in different directories on your hard drive.

Open RoyalSEO, fill all the necessary information and click generate to generate optimized description with 8-10% keyword density.

Create another directory and categorize all the descriptions in a notepad and save on your hard drive. (We are doing this to decrease our work load every time we upload same video with same description)

After receiving accounts upload 3 videos of same niche to one account without creating any channels. As the accounts will be non PVA it will ask you to verify it as soon as you create Channel. No need of channels.

While uploading videos create playlist at the same time while writing descriptions.

Create an excel sheet and keep all your data in that, keep all the youtube links & titles with you in an excel for future use.

As you can’t upload the same video again to youtube please use YT video downloader and use convert option to convert videos. Everytime you upload a video convert the video again.

Note: Shrink all the PPI links with bitly before generating description.

It’s a very simple and short method and all you have to do is just upload the videos, that’s it, upload atleast 20 videos daily to get the maximum juice.

I have more than 150+ videos and 5 websites, as youtube is not reliable I am going to launch a lot of websites saying goodbye to youtube.

Please let me know if you need any help.


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