Facebook method to earn 25+$ Daily


Introduction :-

– You can get thousand of traffic from Facebook , this one require no time ,[ not related to group joining and posting .. it require some accounts and post comments to lists of active facebook pages .. ]

– Many fb users reads comments , especially mobile users to know what fans say ( i love to read comments when using my mobile ) most FB users Use mobiles and tablets ..

– I got best results when the top comment was working using the fake likes .. but trust me , this still works with random comments .

– Use as much fb accounts as u can , not matter to be very old ..

The Method In brief :- 

Comment In Big FB pages >> Your Landing Page Link >> Ur Fake (or real) Video With Share To Watch Locker .


Part 2 :- 

Details : 

1- Get cheap Domains >> .XYZ cost $1 each .. start with 1 domain to test if it works for u .

2- Install WordPress in sub-domain with 1 click installation or Fantastico if u use Cpanel to save time , reason to use many sub-domains is to avoid banning the main-domain – so make 10 sub-domains :


We will work in the first sub-domain then clone to others domains and sub-domains to save some time , i’ll tell u how to clone the wordpress .

3- Get any simple theme and make it lookslike facebook but not %100 clone ..


4- Setup the Video locker : Try (iLen Video Locker) >> Free plugin may works for u – for me ; i use paid one [wpvideolock] .

— NOTE : if u used wpvideolock, Add link to image without the player button because the fake Youtube player add it’s own play button , and in SEO Yoast Social Tab add the same image with the Play button , this the reason only i use the Yoast SEO plugin .


5- Start comment in facebook pages , and send the visitors to your website .. ( it’s up to ur imagination and ur niche ideas )

Chosse the best targted facebook page for ur niche ( ronaldo ,justin and celeb gossip ,movie deleted scene ,deleted scene from tv show , banned commercial ……. ) .

6- You can comment with fake image for Justin Bieber in his fans pages ,, and target your comment related to your image and settings ..

7- Once you get the traffic ( with help of viral – facebook Share Button ) redirec it to network that accept direct traffic .. ( don’t ask me about my network plz )

Yoast SEO -Social Tab to edit the Facebook image and title … :


-And this What my Post conatin in the admin area : 


– What Visitor will see when arrive to ur page : 


– What Visitor will See When He CLick the Play Button : 


Part 3 :-

Plugins used : 

– Yoast SEO >> to work with clean post url , and Make Facebook Open graph ( description , title and image ) .

– wpvideolock or iLen Video Locker >> to add the video locker for my fake image .

– Mashshare Share Buttons >> to add Big facebook Share button outside the player with fake share count .

– ShortCode Redirect >> to make the redirect .

– WP Clone by WP Academy >> to clone my entire wordpress setup to another subdomain in easy way .

– Duplicate Post >> to Duplicate posts in same sudomain to use as much links as possible .

– ShezBoy Lickjacking >> to get some like before the visitor go to the affiliate page .

part 4:-

– Very Important TIPS | Triacks | Twist + questions and answers: 

1- Facebook Dectec the redirect and affiliate network links and ban my site – HOW I CAN AVOID This ?

; don’t worry i blocked facebook from access my site, yes ,i did it , Don’t let FB access Ur website :

:::a. When Redirect the users , USE many redirects , redirect them to site1 , >> site 2 , >> site 3 with 0 wait time ,

:::b. In the middle of redirect loop ,try to block facebook from access ur website , YES , make the site 2 only accept normal visitors and not The Facebook

htaccess :

Options +FollowSymLinks 
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} .
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !facebookexternalhit/[0-9] 
RewriteRule (.*) - [R=403,L]

2- How i Can Save Some time Cloaning The posts ?

Make 1 post and clone it using ( Duplicate Post plugin ) ,to make many links and avoid fb ban as much as possible .

3- How i Can Save Some time Cloaning The entire wp installation to another subdomain ?

After creating the posts with links and ready to get traffic , Use The ( WP Clone by WP Academy Plugin ) to clone and suplicate the entire sudomain or ur wordpress installation .

4- USE many accounts , and try to post in relevant facebook pages .

5- Add Some Fake Comments in Your post page to make it real as much as possible ..


6- You can Use Massplanner in this and also Can post in the groups .. ( sky has no limits ) .

7- You Can use Shezboy ( facebook LikeJacking Plugin ) to get likes from your fans , i got 13K likes within 1 week .


– Also likejacking can be targeted for everysingle post to dedicated page .


8- I never Lose any single visitor , if He come , we will never exit without i get anything from him ; if he didn’t click playbutton and share my post , i’ll get Like using likejacking , if he was lucky enough and didn’t click and tried to click back button , he will be redirected to my aff link because i add simple javascrip when u click back button in the browser m you will redirected to any link i want.

9 – Javascript used to Redirect the visitor if he click the back button :

$javascript = <<<DOC
var ref = document.referrer;
var siteurl = "YOUR URL HERE";//if you have www, then use www. http://www.yoursite.com
if (ref.indexOf(siteurl)!= -1){
(function(window, location) {
    history.replaceState(null, document.title, location.pathname+"#!/auth");
    history.pushState(null, document.title, location.pathname);

    window.addEventListener("popstate", function() {
      if(location.hash === "#!/auth") {
        history.replaceState(null, document.title, location.pathname);
    }, false);
}(window, location));

echo $javascript;

If u need to ask for anything , write it’s number and it’s part .. [ part 2 , poin 3 , .. ] ,ihope ufind it simple , and sorry because Englishis Not My native and i need to help uas much as i can..


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